Caucus for Kucinich…because when else can you logically vote for that guy?

As I mentioned in my last post, tomorrow evening I’m going to be sitting in on a discussion with some people a whole lot smarter than me, talking about the Iowa caucus of 2012.

If you’ve got three minutes to waste and need a little clarification on the caucus process, watch this video.

There’s plenty of fairly compelling arguments as to why the whole caucus system is at best flawed, and at worst a grand act of disenfranchisement of the American peeps. Try Googling “Iowa caucus sucks.” Or just click here, here or here.

But for all the reasons to hate on the goofy caucus system, it’s got one, gigantic thing going for it. Something that can’t be logically claimed in any other form of voting:

There’s no wasted votes.

Well, at least on the Democrats’ side – you have multiple opportunities to change your preference. So you can stand in front of the world, if only for a few moments, and declare your burning passion for Dennis Kucinich and his lack of strings (seriously, click that link) – only to eventually jump on board with the a mainstream campaign. Or, if you’re really dedicated, go down swinging, vote uncommitted.

There’s just nowhere else you’ll do that – in front of your neighbors, no less.

Sure, there’s a mob mentality aspect to it. People get worked up, there’s shouting and cheering.

But to me, I say that’s the real beauty of it. Like anything really important, like anything you really believe in, why not stand up and do it?

BTW – Roughly $50 million was spent on Iowa voters – at 346,00 voters, that’s $144.50 a vote!

…as I said earlier, tomorrow I’ll be around much smarter people than I, talking about the caucus of 2012. I’ll pass on anything interesting.


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