Two random ambitions

My current top two random life ambitions:

The first is to travel and get paid for it. Not in the Peterbilt and bull-hauler trucker sense. Rather, I’d like to wander to various places and translate my experiences into written words accompanied by dynamic photography.

I recently realized that being a journalist wasn’t necessarily my dream. Instead, all I ever wanted to do was tell stories.

So, my simple and initial ambition is to travel fairly locally and profile small towns. Or maybe focus on a single town and do some exploration over an extended period of time.

My second ambition is more of an obsession.

For about a decade now, I’ve dreamed of building strawbale homes.

This combines several passions of mine – the environment, being outdoors, manual labor (maybe not a passion, but I’ve come to miss it over the past few years), branding and marketing.

And if you’re saying, ‘just what the hell is a strawbale house?’ – here ya go.

But basically, imagine taking an agricultural byproduct (straw) and converting it into a construction material with R-values in the 50’s (average home is about 15).

Much more on these random, seemingly unrelated ambitions in the near future.



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4 responses to “Two random ambitions

  1. What! You want to build strawbale homes? How did I not know this? When I tire of my happy little ranch house, you can come build one for me! I think they make so much sense!

  2. Awesome.

    I agree they make sense – but I’ll take it a step further and say that strawbale homes could change the world.

    Stay tuned…

  3. jimthomsen

    You and I share the same first dream.

    In my case, I want to segue from my work as a newspaper editor into true-crime writing that’s centered pretty solely on the community in which I live and am emotionally invested (Kitsap County, Washington). I see a need to tell powerful stories that nobody else can or will tell — stories, that, thanks to the fluidity of the Internet, can keep on being told as new people and new facts continue to emerge.

    Thanks for finding my site. Consider yourself bookmarked, and I’ll check in daily.

  4. I think it’s a great project Jim.

    Perhaps almost as cool is the journey this will undoubtedly take you on – all the people you’ll meet, the places you’ll visit, the stories you’ll hear.

    Sounds like a story on top of the story.

    Great stuff – I’ll be following along.

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