Idea for small town media, Part 1 of 4: The mission

In my last post, I outlined my general thoughts on the crappy media coverage that small communities endure.

I also gave a vague overview of a possible solution – a blog-based site in which the content is provided largely from the community itself.

Think Huffington Post, only very different.

But the platform of the Post got me thinking – what if you created a forum that skipped the traditional media and handed the microphone straight to the newsmakers themselves. For the Post, this is in the form of bloggers such as Nancy Pelosi, Alec Baldwin and Bill Maher.

Now, this isn’t journalism in its true sense. This isn’t a trained staff of smart, passionate and paranoid investigative writers. But then again, neither is this.

The Post is a forum for people who do interesting things with diverse passions to converse.

Thus, the mission of my project:

To create an online forum to offer a conversation about the existing diverse passions and stories of a small community.

Sounds distant and vague enough, right? Next I’ll dig into subject ideas, content sources and getting the community buy-in.

Stick with me on this, because no matter who you are – this has implications for you. Somewhere, somehow, you are part of a community with a story worth sharing.



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2 responses to “Idea for small town media, Part 1 of 4: The mission

  1. jimthomsen

    My problem with your idea is that, as interesting as the Huffington Post (and its ilk) is, its signal-to-noise ratio is pretty weak. It’s got lots of attitude, lots of colorful commentary in REACTION to the news … but does it actually REPORT a lot of news? Break big stories? Serve an un-spun watchdog role? Not that I see. Sites like it ride on the coattails of the traditional media we’d all like to supplant. They don’t supplant the failing media itself.

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