Good Time

We all have strange tastes in music. Well, at least we all say that.

I feel extra weird because I struggle defining my own music flavor – no radio station ever gets it right. Sites like Pandora are a cool idea, but I don’t have the patience for it. Even my own iPod rarely plays what I want unless I painstakingly make a playlist – something that would need updated daily.

But a raspy, earthy song with a genuine voice will always catch me.

Today, I’m nodding to Leroy Williams’ Good Time.

It’s so down-home earthy that Leroy doesn’t even have an actual video (other than an acoustic version). Close your eyes and make your own.



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5 responses to “Good Time

  1. Blinn

    Here is kind of a weird band I saw last year in Indy. They only have small clips on their website and I haven’t heard their new stuff. One of my favorites is “Single Double Triple” on the Terrifying Funk From beyond the grave album. Let me know what you think:

  2. Here Come the Mummies eh?

    I’m already liking it. I’m on this loaner computer here at work, which means I don’t have speakers. Will be checking it out later and delivering a verdict.

    Thanks for the heads-up, bra’

  3. Checked it out – it’s funky man. Maybe a little more trumpet that I normally like, but it’s worth some more looks.

    Thanks again for the link. Cheers buddy.

  4. My problem is that I dislike 90 percent of new music — at age 42, my tastes were formed and remain rooted in 1975-1988, roughly — but I don’t want to be closed off to discovering quality new music. Pandora has been a great way to root out new music suited to my tastes, but I occasionally take blind fliers on new artists/groups/songs in other ways.

    One way: Every now and then, I check out the most critically acclaimed new releases at Metacritic, read the reviews to see how well the music squares up with my tastes, pick a handful and then listen to the 30-second previews of each song on a given album at iTunes.

    Anybody else have some good-new-music discovery techniques?

  5. Jim – 13 years is a pretty narrow span of music! I mean, in there you’re missing The Beatles, Sinatra, some of the best ‘Stones music, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden / Audioslave…

    But I see what you’re saying, and I’m with ya – my music flavor (however I may define it) certainly has its roots.

    As for discovery – I find my music in weird ways. Soundtracks, YouTube, Internet radio (when I can actually listen to it), iTunes…

    I don’t have XM radio, but everyone I know who does loves it.

    I hadn’t heard of Metracritic – will be checking it out! Thanks!

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