Sales tips we can all use

I’m reading Jill Konrath’s Selling to Big Companies. Jill is the woman behind the blog of the same name and has offered sales consulting to the likes of 3M, IBM and GE – so she knows her stuff.

Here’s some tips that I’ve gleaned so far that everyone can benefit from:

1.) Focus.

When Jill first started consulting, she offered companies advice on just about anything they needed, operating in just about any industry. Doing that required grueling amounts of research and dedication for ‘one-off’ applications – information and experience she may have used only once.

After she wised up and focused on new product launches her business boomed, she deepened her expertise and was able to take what she learned and further apply it to future opportunities.

Remind you of some other smart advice?

2.) To go big, it helps to start small.

When trying to get into big organizations, it’s wise to start small.

GE, for example, is a big organization, but it’s comprised of a whole bunch of smaller divisions. By getting in and helping with a smaller piece, you stand a much better chance of getting a larger chunk of the pie.

3.) A good value proposition is everything.

A value proposition answers two questions: How can you help my business? and What difference do you make?

This, Konrath says, is the key to getting the attention of any decision maker. This is a good time to offer tangible benefits you bring. Numbers, statistics, befores-and-afters – no matter how intangible you consider what you do is, there is always a way to show real results.

Hopefully this helps you the next time you’re job-interviewing, selling, marketing, copywriting – all that fun stuff.


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