A few photos from southern Iowa

I grew up in Murray, Iowa.

2000 census population: 766.

Here, for your enjoyment, are a few photos I took over the weekend while stomping on some old grounds:

These are shoes – lots of shoes – stuck on roughly 200 yards of fence posts. Why, you ask? Me too.

You have to believe that at one time, this truck (and the barn) represented growth.

I don’t know who John B. Huber was, but he died in 1900 at the age of 76 and, presumably, his bones have rested in the southern Iowa soil for over 100 years.

I stopped by the local tavern with some friends. The bar owners told me they had established a sandwich in honor of my dad. It’s called the ‘Old Man Club’ because unlike the regular club, it’s a layer smaller and easier for old guys like my dad to eat. Does your dad have a sandwich named after him?



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4 responses to “A few photos from southern Iowa

  1. Lucas

    Well I’m from a small town too and we also have a lot of shoes out on fence posts a few miles outside of town on a gravel road. The explanation for the sneakers up here is that the high school cross country runners often ran out on this road, so at the end of the season the seniors would leave their shoes out on the route.

  2. Really? I had never heard of that. It makes sense though, given that I didn’t notice any cowboy boots or flip-flops out there.


    Any other, more ridiculous and less practical theories out there?

    Like… maybe there’s a jogger-murderer out there and these are his/her trophies. Or maybe the rubber shoes give off an odor that keeps the cattle from wallering the fence.

    Yes? No? Maybe?

  3. Love the photos, Cale.

    I’m from an even smaller town and had no clue about the shoes either. Although in the neck of the woods where I grew up, they probably are more likely to be cowboy boots than running shoes!

  4. Haha – yeah I was a little surprised to see the running shoes myself.

    Cowboy boots would have made more sense to me also…

    Glad you enjoyed the photos – and as a side note, apparently the ‘Old Man Club’ is one of the best selling sandwiches now.

    But that’s a lesson in marketing, more on that later…

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