When brands keep it real

I was checking out the 2007 local Addy Award winners and I saw this Gold winner from Strategic America in the category of interactive media:

How about that intro?

So, you want to work at Kum & Go.

We should probably mention it’s no cakewalk,

It’s more like walking all over a cake,

then having to clean up the mess.

Do you find that as refreshing as I do?

The video is cheesy, the song is lousy (including Enrique’s version) and the acting goofy. And that’s the point.

It’s a brand showing some personality and effectively communicating two things:

  1. They expect a lot out of their employees
  2. As a result of their employees, customers can expect a friendly and positive experience

They pull it off well. It feels genuine.

So a belated congrats to Strategic America for the award and a kudos to Kum & Go for keeping it real.


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