Talking about beer

I’m a bit frustrated here…

I was going to share some great copy with the world here, but I can’t find a copy of it online anywhere.

It comes from Schell’s. They’ve been brewing beer up in New Ulm, Minnesota for about 150 years and today represent the second oldest American brewery, behind only Pennsylvania’s Yuengling. I saw it while touring the brewery (awesome experience, by the way) up in Minnesota over the past weekend. The copy was on both a poster and a T-shirt, supplemented with an 1860’s era photo of some of the original brewers at Schell’s. The copy went something along the lines of…

They endured winter, starvation, an outbreak of cholera, ravenous locusts, outdoor plumbing and bad shoes.

Brewing was so much simpler back then.

And then the copy gets juicy, describing how it requires balls, dedication and a little good fortune to survive in today’s highly commoditized and mass marketed beer industry. It made me downright thirsty for a bottle of Schell’s in tribute to the brand.

The best I can do is find this pixelated photo of the shirt for sale on their site. I could buy it, but I guess the copy isn’t that good.

Unless Schell’s is monitoring the blogosphere or someone out there happens to have the shirt, you’ll just have to take my word for it on the copy. That is, of course, until I go back for another tour.




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