How I keep track of my very, very random ideas

Do you have random moments of inspiration?

I find that creativity is incredibly hard to forecast. It sneaks up on me, triggered by some spark. Maybe it’s seeing a great photo, hearing an old song or a forgotten fragrance.

It’s been that way my whole life, and only finally did I get so disgusted with losing the ideas among the noise of life that I bought a booklet to document my thoughts.

I bought them in a 3-pack at a bookstore. Mine is a Moleskine brand pocket journal – supposedly similar to what Picasso and Hemingway used. I like them because they’re small enough and soft enough to easily carry in my back pocket.

Some examples of brilliance that would have otherwise been lost:

CarMD – My idea of a company like a WebMD, only instead offering probable causes for those squeaky noises in your car, or how important that check engine warning is in your 87 Buick.

They all agreed they should go do that sometime. And of course, they never did. – Just a random thought, perhaps worth building a larger story around.

Direct mail a flask to CFOs, supported with the copy, “Having one of those days? Let’s talk about outsourcing.” – An idea for a direct mail campaign for my company that hasn’t a shot in hell of getting the green light, but worth documenting nonetheless.

Try one for a month or so and you’ll soon find yourself lost without one.



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4 responses to “How I keep track of my very, very random ideas

  1. cecilia

    Hey, Cale-o! Just wanted to share this with you because I thought they were cool…though some of them impractical maybe?

  2. Hells yeah!

    Thanks for that link – awesome stuff.

    Sometimes I think about starting my own business just to make some weird, unique business cards. Good to see a place to get some ideas for them.

    Somewhat distantly related would be this blog that highlights some great packaging work:

    Thanks again Cecilia!

  3. I’m stealing that flask idea.

  4. Go for it. I like the thought of ideas not dying.

    But no love for CarMD?

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