A trash can worth mentioning

I moved into a new apartment and in doing so, had to buy a bunch of random stuff like a shower rod, some dishes, towels and the like.

It was pretty much an impulse shopping spree as I strolled through Target.

But one of the products I picked up is worth blogging about.

It’s a trash can, made by a company called simplehuman.

Of all the potentially forgettable products out there, trash cans are right up there with the t-shirt.

Beyond its sleek design and simple features, this receptacle came with a small, well designed booklet promoting some of its other products for the home.

The booklet caught my eye. Despite being busy and a stressed with getting things organized, I paused for a moment to give the booklet glance through.

I’m not really big into these type of products, but the combination of the great presentation and the idea of someone passionate enough about their trash cans to create this begged me to share it.

So the story here is, products reflect those who make them. Little things like this can go a long way. After all, here I am, blogging about a trash can…

By the way, Mack Collier had a great post today about a remarkable fly swatter, of all things.

And see what my friends at The Home Know It All had to say about simplehuman.



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2 responses to “A trash can worth mentioning

  1. Brian

    You made a post about buying a trash can….and I read it. I’m not sure which is worse. One thing is for sure, the blogsphere is a strange place.

  2. Touche, salesman.

    Keep the weirdness up. Visit that link to Mack Collier’s blog, talking about buying a flyswatter.

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