There is no such thing as a successful book

Just like there is no such thing as a successful magazine, or a successful blog.

There are only successful stories, shared by talented storytellers, written by talented writers, designed by talented designers, filled with photos from talented photographers….

Sometimes a successful story is 140 characters long, like a text message or a tweet.

Sometimes a successful story fills anthologies of bound pages in book form.

And sometimes, a successful story is shared over beers with your friends.

But when was the last time a story was successful because it was in a book?



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2 responses to “There is no such thing as a successful book

  1. Cale, I’ve seen successful stories told in six words. Check out or this Wired piece:
    Perhaps the best and shortest story was told by Muhammad Ali in the film “When We Were Kings” when he said: “Me. We.” P.S. Three cheers for Sernovitz!

  2. Yes, great Andy.

    I thought of the six-word story after I posted this. Thanks for pointing to Hemingway’s famous one:

    For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

    Great examples, thanks for the links!

    And agreed, a salute to Sernovitz.

    By the way, I showed that Fresh Books example to my team for an upcoming tradeshow we’re looking to attend and it has completely refreshed our strategy.


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