Will travel for money

My friend Guy (that’s his name, and his gender) sent me a note yesterday.

He was frustrated. You see, Guy and I share a dream that a lot of people probably have – we’d like to travel the world, drink gallons of strange liquor, eat foods we couldn’t pronounce, see exotic locales and basically high-five one another most of the day in celebration of living the dream.

Obviously there are some obstacles involved, the biggest of which being money. But none of the obstacles (including money) seem big enough to stop us from talking about it all the damn time.

So yesterday, Guy sends me this link.

Here’s some dude who went off and stole our idea – and somehow got paid to do it. He even has a Wikipedia page!

But, being the optimist, I responded with this note:

Haha, this is cool.

But you shouldn’t be disappointed by this. If anything, you should be psyched. This is a case study, proving it’s possible.

Consider it a roadmap, not a roadblock.

But that inspirational Facebook post is all the further I’ve gotten. So here’s an open forum where you can help me and Guy out. How do you do this? And if you have the answer, why aren’t you doing it?

P.S. However tempting it may be, don’t bother suggesting making a viral video. Sernovitz already convinced me viral is an effect, not a cause. Causes wanted.


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