You need a manifesto

Anything with purpose needs a manifesto.

You need one. Your company needs one. Your campaign needs one. Your organization needs one.

Maybe it’s on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, framed over your desk. Maybe it’s quietly developed and revealed through thousands of blog posts. Maybe it finds you, perhaps in the form of a fortune cookie note you keep tucked in your wallet.

And just maybe, it’s a yearly anthem presented in a 100+ page, kick-ass creed formed around 12 core principles.

That’s what the team at Brains on Fire did – check it out. What would yours say? What would it look like?



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2 responses to “You need a manifesto

  1. Cale,
    Writing a manifesto is now on my to-do list for my campaign. Not sure if I told you but we’re now online at

  2. That’s great buddy! A well thought manifesto could be a critical component to the cause.

    And yes – I saw the link a little while ago, congrats! I wish you well in the upcoming election and I think the online presence will be a big help.

    I do miss your blogging though…

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