A list of Des Moines advertising and marketing agencies

I was doing a little research and thought I’d share it with the world. Here’s a list of advertising and marketing agencies based in the greater Des Moines area, their focus (roughly), and links to any blogs they may have:

That’s the list I was able to scrounge up. Drop a note if you notice any errors or omissions.



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4 responses to “A list of Des Moines advertising and marketing agencies

  1. Thanks for the link, Cale.

    You’d certainly appreciate our approach at REL because we do advertising or marketing, but only after spending a great deal of time understanding the underlying brand and help our clients craft an overarching story. The rally flag metaphor is perfect because the story has to resonate with specific target audiences so they can embrace the brand and, in effect, do your bidding for you!

    In the social media, for example, I’ve seen brand loyalists come to the defense of their favorite brands more quickly than even the organization itself!

    Once we understand the brand, THEN we craft the story using whatever tool is necessary to tell that story.

    We do more production than a typical consultant and we’re more strategic than a typical production company.


  2. Mark – I’m with ya.

    I’m a big believer in brands that share a unique, focused story that resonates with us – one that creates fans and evangelists. And yes, thanks, I agree the idea of a rally flag is a great symbol for this.

    I think we all need a rally flag.

    And thank you for sharing great stories on REL’s blog. I think your assessment of Walmart’s logo overhaul was spot on, and your recent discussions on place branding is great.

    And thanks again for being the first to point me to Springwise, I’m always checking out the fresh ideas people are building companies around.

    Great stuff Mark and thanks for dropping a note!

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