Thanks Lexicon

Just wanted to give a public thanks to the good peeps over at Lexicon. They’re a custom publishing shop here in Des Moines. In a nutshell – they’re especially good at helping individuals and organizations share their story.

I stopped by today for a lunch date with a friend. Jim, their photography guru (and casual motorcycle enthusiast), was kind enough to step outside and take a shot of my newly acquired Harley.

Check it out:

It’s a good looking bike on it’s own, but I thought this shot by Jim was especially well done.

So, a public thanks and kudos to Lexicon and a public announcement that I am officially a bad-ass with a Harley.

*Insert image of winking smile here*

PS – To anyone who may be snickering that I paid a premium for a brand – I say, duh. Of course I did.



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4 responses to “Thanks Lexicon

  1. Nice bike! I may have Harley envy. And great photo. Aren’t those folks at Lexicon swell? (I am not biased at all, either.)

  2. Thanks – I’m pretty much living the dream when I’m on that thing.

    And yeah, those Lexicon folk do swell stuff 😉

  3. I’m green with envy! Nice bike.


  4. Thanks Mark – I’m loving it so far. It sounds great, rides great, feels great… and it even poses well for photos. How about that?

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