Tomorrow’s brands and the death of layers

As more and more companies begin to realize how ineffective mass, blind advertising is, significant focus will shift to the identity, voice and social value of the organization itself.

Although, the title of this post is a bit misleading because this isn’t happening overnight. At least not for most of the big guys – or none of the boring guys. There’s simply too many brands that have invested so much in the traditional brand tactics of bombarding us with vague messages and building layers between us that the tactics themselves have become part of the brand.

For example, we look forward to the show Budweiser puts on during Superbowl breaks. This is a brand built on a mass message. This is a part of them.

And so it’s weird when Comcast has representatives on Twitter. This is a fundamental shift from the brand itself. And while it’s not impossible to open up, to remove layers and to converse – it can be awkward and painful.

And it can be a downright failure if the brand itself isn’t in alignment.

But this is the future. I don’t know what tools we’ll use, or what medium we’ll be in – but we will know brands in a personal sense.

Layers won’t work anymore.

So if you’re just starting out, you actually have an advantage – don’t bother building them.


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