A simple way to differentiate your brand: Lose the Times New Roman and Arial

A really simple way to create a different footprint with your brand is to use a unique font.

Pretty much everyone in the world seems to use Times New Roman for their serif font (the fonts with the little lines extending from the letter points) and Arial for their sans serif font (…y’know, sans the little lines).

But when it comes to branding, it’s generally a good idea to forge out from the herd.

So why are you using the same font as everyone else?

There’s about a zillion fonts already loaded into Word and InDesign, and if that’s not enough, there are people out there who make and sell their own. Cruise through Veer to see some really great examples of unique ways to show words.

And just today, Springwise pointed to Fontstruct – a free place to go create your own fonts and download the creative works of others.

I even know a certain graphic designer who is so geeky about fonts, she has her favorites and is even a member of some ‘secret’ Veer society.

Crazy, eh?

Of course, there are some rules in the font world. I don’t know them all, but here’s mine:

  1. If nobody can read what you’re trying to say, that’s bad. Don’t annoy people who are giving you a portion of their time.
  2. In general, stick to sans serif fonts on the Web.
  3. Newspapers and other printed docs often use serif fonts and believe it makes them easier to read, although I’m not sure how much I buy that.
  4. Big is good. Small can be good too. Use common sense.

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