Skeptical? How about a video referral?

I just read Jeffrey Gitomer’s The Sales Bible.

The title isn’t too far off – it’s full of lots of little nuggets for how to better yourself as a salesperson. It’s chunked up into lots of lists of very practical techniques you can put to practice to improve your results.

In a nutshell, it’s not about quick words and slick presentations. It’s about selling to help customers and being remarkable while doing it.

But of all the points Gitomer makes, this idea haunted me:

Ask existing clients to participate in a video referral that you can show prospects.

How about that? No fancy copy or splashy logo or amazing guarantee can have as much influence as a few earnest video referrals from your current clients.

Anyone could do this – a freelancer, a big corporation, an agency, a job seeker (sure beats a thumbs-up on LinkedIn)…

Why not try it?


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