I’m Juiced

Check it out, I’m Juiced (look for me in the upper left, third bullet…).

For those non-local, Juice is the youthful kid sibling to the Des Moines Register (where I worked for a short stint in the sports department).

Usually, if you say you’re in Juice to a friend they assume it’s in the form of a photo of you sloppy drunk at some ugly sweater party. I guess I always assumed that’s how I’d make my debut.

But it’s great to be in there recognized for this little blog project of mine – along with some great local bloggers who are big in the Web 2.0 world, including Drew McLellan and Mike Sansone.

It’s a good article – Get blogging already not only lists a diverse group of local bloggers – from the big guys like Mike and Drew to, well, me – but it also gives a decent list of how to get started and why you might do it in the first place. And while I don’t think blogging is for everyone, I think everyone should at least dip their toes in (a wise tip straight from Drew McLellan himself).

But I do have one WTF: Where are the links? It’s ironic that in an online article about blogging there isn’t a single outbound link in the whole damn thing – feels very old media… C’mon Juice…

So, I’ll go ahead and do it. Cheers everyone:



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11 responses to “I’m Juiced

  1. Its official; you’re a Hipster.

  2. Hah – oh yeah. I’m uber hip.

    By the way, I saw your post and saw just how hip Katie thinks you are.

    You’ll always be “off the hook” in my book, buddy! I’m stoked about your fresh ways!

    Haha, good stuff man.

  3. Thanks Bro, but my blog isn’t the one featured in the local media. Can I use your name to get by the doorman at the swankest club in town?

  4. If by swankest clubs in town you mean Peggy’s or Hugh’s Jungle Room…

    …then no, no it won’t work. Not at all, really.

    But uh, if you’re really desperate on your next binge, try Sanderson instead of Johnson. That might actually help you out around here.

  5. Carter

    This is your cousin Carter! Y didn’t u tell me u had a fancy blog!!!! I noticed ur name all swanky in Juice!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! I’m telling the whole family 🙂 C ya

  6. Thanks for the mention! Congrats on the promotion. I hope you get some new raving fan readers from the Juice exposure. It certainly can’t hurt 😉

    Keep up the great work stud!

  7. @Carter – Hey champ! Good hearing from ya! Yeah, I guess this little project just kinda’ evolved on it’s own. Glad to hear I have a fan in the family!

    @Tyler – Congrats to yourself too! Yes, I see the raving fans pouring in – no worries, I’ll try to send a few your way. 😉

    And I’m glad Juice pointed your way – perfect timing for a young renter like me considering the next step.


  8. Cale –

    Thanks for the shout out buddy!

    It seems like the blogging community in DSM is growing at freakish rates… and that’s a beautiful thing!

    Keep up the great work!


  9. Mitch, you’re very welcome.

    I’m very much a newb in the local blogging community, but yeah, it seems like the crowd is growing at a quick pace. And I agree, that’s a good thing.

    And it seems natural that a lot of the growth is owed to fellas like you who got this concept rolling here locally some time ago.

    Thanks Mitch!

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