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I’m out. I’m going “off the grid” this weekend and I’m pumped.

Without going into much detail, imagine canoes, beer, lots of friends and family and glassy rock-bottom water so clear you can see the fish swimming along. You start to get the idea.

As I head out, I’ll share this bit of advice from Dick Costolo, founder of Feedburner:

The key is to just get on the bike, and the key to getting on the bike is not the confidence in knowing you will be successful if you do x,y,z. The key to getting on the bike is to stop thinking “there are a bunch of reasons I might fall off” and just hop on and pedal the damned thing. You can pick up a map, a tire pump, and better footwear along the way.

So there ya go.




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3 responses to “Pedal

  1. I seem to recall you saying you’d get out and ride with me this year. Strange thing though, I don’t recall us actually going. You know, talking about riding is fun enough, but actually going is more enjoyable.

  2. Ahem, well, this is actually intended to be a metaphor for starting companies and launching brands…

    But as for the real pedaling, I’m in man! I actually got myself a Specialized bike a few months ago – haven’t really had much time to beat it up though.

    Although I have a feeling you will dominate – given that you talk of riding 25 miles like it’s a casual stroll.

    I’ll shoot you an e-mail at your ridiculous address.

    PS – No spandex for me.

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