Night Ranger and the power of saying what we’re all thinking

So last night I rocked out to a concert of two bands older than I am.

Night Ranger opened for Foreigner, and to put it into perspective, Night Ranger’s Sister Christian and I both turned 24 this year. Even better: Foreigner’s tour is sponsored by AARP.

And here’s the thing with any classic rock concert: We were all there to hear the songs we knew.

So when Night Ranger said they were going to play a song off their new album, only the most grizzled Night Ranger evangelist left their seat to cheer.

And in the same breath as announcing their new album, frontman Jack Blades said something refreshing (paraphrasing):

I know – I know what you’re thinking. New music? Play the hits! Play what we know! But I have to tell you, as artists, creativity is what drives us. It’s what keeps us going. And in my view, that’s what the American way is all about, right? Right? Thanks for listening and sharing in our creativity.

It was that simple.

In just a few words, Jack connected connected himself, Night Ranger and all of us in one of those very human moments.

He had the microphone, he could have said anything. He could have said nothing. He could have made the ridiculous claim that Night Ranger was somehow relevant again because they had a new album. But instead, he talked to us like a grateful friend.

And judging by the crowd’s standing cheer, I’d say it worked.



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2 responses to “Night Ranger and the power of saying what we’re all thinking

  1. Terri

    You should spend more time getting to know Jack Blades. You would realize that no one in the business understands his audience better than Jack. He has a brilliant mind for business and he could sell a glass of water to a drowning man. There’s more to this rock star than just rock.

  2. Thanks Terri – before the show I wasn’t at all familiar with Jack.

    I came away very impressed by how genuine and entertaining he was. So, I’m a believer when you say there’s more to him than just rock.

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