Is your business card worth photographing?

Are you a fan of creative business cards? I love them because they’re one of the best ways to share a brand’s story.

For a photographic tour of some great ones, head over to Flickr to see dailypoetics’ massive collection. Warning: Huge Timesink Potential

If that’s not enough, head over to creativebits and check out a few more.

With all these examples, what excuse do we have for lame ones anymore?

Thanks to Joao Faissal for sharing her’s on Flickr (awesome idea, by the way).



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4 responses to “Is your business card worth photographing?

  1. This has to be one of the most creative cards I have ever seen. Moving it to number one in my collection 🙂 See it here

  2. Jason,

    Awesome, isn’t it?

    Flickr is home to a ton of great biz card ideas. Of the few I looked closely at, I liked this one because it was very creative, while still very functional (i.e. this one could still slip into your wallet).

    Thanks for the link!

  3. man.. thanks soooo much for this beautiful post…

  4. Joao –

    Heya – thanks for sharing your creative card with the world. Great, great stuff!

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