I Need Your Help

Yesterday I was in an all-day sales team meeting. We were discussing our challenges, both internally and externally.

Bitching, really, about how much selling we were having to do internally – about how challenging it is to convince operations of what our clients and the market are demanding. Oh, if only operations would just get the hell out of the way, then we could really get somewhere.

That’s when our consultant stopped us.

I hope you don’t think you’ll ever be able to stop selling internally, he said.

That’s when he shared with us what he considers the most powerful phrase in the English language:

I need your help.

More powerful than anything. Certainly more powerful than I love you, he said. It’s because it immediately shows respect and places value in the person you’re communicating with.

He recommended we use this phrase to build internal evangelists in key areas of the company – in conjunction with the tactics good salespeople use with prospects in the outside world:

  • Establish rapport
  • Show mutual benefits
  • Celebrate successes

I’m guessing pretty much all of us need help from somebody. Try the phrase out.



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2 responses to “I Need Your Help

  1. Some of us (read: you) need a lot more help than others (see: me).

    Dang, I think I should be a consultant. That’ll be $4000 please.

  2. Haha – ouch bro!

    But I agree, you’d be a great consultant for anyone wanting to come in 2nd with a proposal.

    I’ll give you that lil’ career advice for free.


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