Logo inspiration

Springwise points us to IncSpring–a marketplace of logos for sale. The story goes that often when a designer is pitching a logo, they present around six different ideas. One will get picked, the other five are gone, often to never see daylight again.

The site already has a massive collection of logos (click “all categories”), and most of them look amazing.

Having said that, I hope this isn’t how you find your logo. I hope yours is developed from scratch, initially drawn on a napkin with beer stains on it or something. I would hope yours is inspired by the story you’re trying to share. Not sure a ready-made logo has the same effect.

Regardless, there’s plenty of fuel for design ideas to be found at IncSpring. Try it out.



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2 responses to “Logo inspiration

  1. Cale:

    Great find AND a clear understanding of how to use it!

  2. Thanks Mark–I appreciate the kudos and I’m glad you agree.

    Happy Friday buddy!

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