It officially took 94 posts until this blog–this personal rally flag of mine–landed me a dream opportunity.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining Andy Sernovitz and his crew at GasPedal as their editor. I’ll be writing blog posts, newsletter articles and anything else that comes my way.

In about two weeks I’ll be (hopefully) settled in Chicago and writing content for sources I have been reading, linking to and–in general–enjoying since I began this journey in marketing and the blogosphere.

It’s like Tony Romo getting feel-better calls from Brett Favre–a boyhood hero of his who a few short years ago appeared in posters on Romo’s wall.

Or like Arnel Pineda being selected by Journey as their new frontman after discovering his covers on YouTube.

Pretty much, I’m Henry in Rookie of the Year. Minus the broken arm thing.

Above all, I’m incredibly excited to join a group of people who think along the same lines as me–that the best marketing tells a story, that the best way to make money is to make people happy and that, in general, there is a better way to do all this business and marketing stuff.

Soon, I’ll give some details on how this all happened and hopefully share some insight on how other folks might be able to experience similar success.

I hope you’re looking forward to the next 94 blog posts as much as I am. Thanks for reading.




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4 responses to “94

  1. Wow. Congrats on the move, sorry to see you leave our little neck of the woods though.

    You’re a talented writer and a insightful dude.

    All the best, don’t forget the little guys when you’re some kind of pundit or something.


  2. Thanks buddy, I appreciate the good word.

    It’s definitely a bummer to leave town so abruptly and I’ll miss the biking adventures, but at least now you have a much cooler dude to crash with when you make your next trip to Chi-town.

    And there’s always Thanksgiving.

  3. Cale,

    It was simply inevitable. Congrats on getting Andy to notice just how passionate and smart you are.

    You’re going to do great things and it will be wonderful to share in them with you through this blog.


  4. Drew, thanks.

    Thanks for the early guidance and the friendly conversations. Thanks for your hard work on your blog and for sharing some truly brilliant stuff.

    You are THE reason I discovered all this stuff. Some luck was involved, sure, but it wouldn’t have been the same without you pointing the way.

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