The short dance

I have been mulling over this post for almost a week now. I can basically sum it up like this:

It’s possible. It’s not easy and it isn’t for everyone, but you can do it.

I’m talking about doing what you love, about changing the world–in both big or small ways–and fighting for a belief (or finding a belief worth fighting for).

I didn’t always feel this way–the post-college experience put a lot of this in doubt for me. It was a strange time and I found it flat-out depressing. I wanted to do big things, and had great experiences behind me, but I didn’t know how to apply this stuff. I didn’t know how to add it all up into a road map. It was like I’d been given all these tools to climb mountains with but didn’t know which one to start on. And when presented with too many options, you freeze up.

And while I’m not sure where you’re at right now, I might guess you know what I’m talking about.

It’s scary and a bit overwhelming.

The trick–and what I keep preaching–is to just start doing stuff. Baby steps, but nonetheless steps in a general direction. For me, it was this blog. For you, who knows? Cooking classes. A Web store. A whiteboard. A journal.

The steps add up.

I realize I’m simplifying this. I realize there’s a lot to it. But I also know that it’s the simple stuff that tends to win. So, I invite you to start small and see what happens.

And ultimately, remember that life’s pretty much a short dance.

PS-If you think a new job is your ticket, I have this to say:

You’re never going to win if you’re trying to be like every other applicant. You probably won’t get the job, and if you do, you’re working for someone who hired a cookie-cutter applicant. Either way, it’s a loss.



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2 responses to “The short dance

  1. @Drew

    Thanks. Your wisdom, my words.

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