What you really sell

When you move to Chicago from elsewhere (like I just did) and have no clue of where to go (again, like me) there’s a company that specializes in helping you find a place.

They’re called Apartment People and they do some amazing things.

They help you find a list of potential apartments and drive you around to show them to you–all for free. On their business cards, Web site and marketing materials they claim to deliver the services of helping you find a place to live.

But what they really sell is stress relief–and they know it.

From the moment you walk in you’re greeted with fresh coffee and large, comfy furniture. My agent was funny, friendly and listened to my interests and concerns about the apartments and neighborhoods I was interested in.

Everything down to the soft lighting and modern work stations said relax, our business is removing stress. We’re here to help.

And they did.

If you’re moving to Chicago, consider using them. And if you’re in business, think about what you’re really selling.


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