The lessons in lyrics

I’m listening to some random music and realized that there’s some potentially significant nuggets of wisdom that could really apply to marketing.

I’m not here to misrepresent an artists intentions, but the best stories are the ones that we can apply to ourselves. Here’s what I mean:

Modest Mouse: Missed the Boat — “…our ideas held no water but we used them like a dam…”

Bad ideas are the dams of progress. This reminds me of companies that still scoff at social media.

Buffalo Springfield: For What It’s Worth — “…singing songs and carryin’ signs / mostly say, hooray for our side…”

Marketing is about connections. Stories that fail to create connections, well, fail. If all you do is say hooray for yourself, we’re not listening. We can’t relate to that.

Cross Canadian Ragweed: Brooklyn Kid — “…a simple life ain’t that hard / no, a simple life ain’t all that hard..”

Fundamentals and simplicity often win. It’s amazing how difficult we can make success feel. Be honest. Be nice. Try hard. If you do those three things every day, you’re already in the top 10%.

How about you? Got a line of lyrics that speak to you?


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