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Look for the shadows

Last night a few GasPedal crew members and I had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Rohde following an intense WOM Crash Course. Mike’s the guy behind Rohdesign and is a truly talented sketch artist and cartoonist.

Mike was generous enough to share some of his drawings with the group. His work is creative and perceptive, and given all the ideas we went over in the day, it was amazing to see how much he had conveyed in his notes (to get an idea, check this out).

Thumbing through his sketches, it struck me that one of the things that made Mike’s work so impressive was his ability to work with shadows. Using only pen on paper, Mike was able to bring ideas and images to life–images full of depth and texture.

And for some twisted reason, I immediately thought of the great marketing in the world. I thought of how the most remarkable companies thrive on blowing us away with fantastic, wonderful experiences, the kinds of experiences that come from a relentless attention to the details everyone else overlooks (or simply cannot see at all).

The truly great artists and the most amazing companies see the shadows like Mike does.



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Simple stories win

So I’ve been exploring this word of mouth marketing world for a few weeks now, and it’s been an interesting journey.

Coming from the branding and storytelling perspective that I’ve primarily focused on here at this blog, I can tell you of one element that spans pretty much everything:

Simple stories win.

Simply, the brands, the marketers, the individuals, the whatevers… those that tell simple stories — the kind that are easy to tell you, and easy for you to tell others, and so on — they win.

Note, simple doesn’t mean “boring.” And it certainly doesn’t mean “like someone else’s story.”

It means human. It means natural.

These are the stories we connect to. These are the ideas that spread. These are the winners.


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