Simple stories win

So I’ve been exploring this word of mouth marketing world for a few weeks now, and it’s been an interesting journey.

Coming from the branding and storytelling perspective that I’ve primarily focused on here at this blog, I can tell you of one element that spans pretty much everything:

Simple stories win.

Simply, the brands, the marketers, the individuals, the whatevers… those that tell simple stories — the kind that are easy to tell you, and easy for you to tell others, and so on — they win.

Note, simple doesn’t mean “boring.” And it certainly doesn’t mean “like someone else’s story.”

It means human. It means natural.

These are the stories we connect to. These are the ideas that spread. These are the winners.



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2 responses to “Simple stories win

  1. Cale,

    Can you give us some examples of simple brand stories? Are they stories that can be told in a sentence? In a visual?

    Or is it that the message is simple?

    Looking forward to learning more.


  2. Hey Drew, sure!

    I guess I’ll use one of my recent favorite, random companies as an example: Bacon Salt.

    Bacon Salt has a simple story: “Makes everything taste like bacon.”

    While it’s not for everyone, I think that although simple, the story is quite remarkable.

    When I tell you about Bacon Salt, it’s easy to talk about. Easy to bring up. Easy to quickly explain, and easy for you to quickly decide if you want to learn more.

    Compare to say, GE, Samsung, General Motors.

    These guys don’t represent “simple stories.” These guys aren’t easy to talk about.

    And granted, comparing GE to Bacon Salt might be a bit unfair, but we can certainly look at older, established companies who represent simple, winning stories. Companies like Harley Davidson, Jeep and Jack Daniels.

    Although established, these companies still have concise, “simple” (note, not boring), stories.

    So, to your questions, I think “simple” is tied to both visual and linguistics. I think it’s tied to purpose. I think all have to immediately convey a story that is easy to share, easy to talk about and easy to vote for (or against).

    What do you think?

    Thanks for the thought-provoking question!

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