Just add sleeves!

Have you seen it yet?

Someone created “Snuggies.” The blankets with… sleeves.

Complete with an incredibly cheesy infomercial. Check it:

But when I watch this, I can’t help but have mixed feelings. Honestly, a fair part of me admires the simplicity of the idea. It reminds me of the classic Homer Simpson line after his brother shows him his invention that translates baby talk:

“Oh, I dunno’ Herb. Couldn’t you just have taken an existing product and put a clock in it?”

But c’mon folks.

Adding clocks and sleeves isn’t enough. What’s the story here? I think snuggies missed it.

The story (in reality) is probably:

Holy shit, what a brilliantly simple, sorta’ goofy idea we had one day. We like to lounge around, use a laptop, drink some coffee, and we’re sick of fighting our blankets.

You feelin’ us?

So we invented something pretty damn revolutionary: A blanket with sleeves.

But nooooooo.

Snuggies tries to convince us that these things are socially acceptable at sporting events.

The irony of course is, had they been upfront with how ridiculous the concept is, everybody would be asking to print their sports team on the damn things.

C’mon folks. Now, more than ever, adding sleeves isn’t enough.

More Bacon Salts. Less Snuggies.



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8 responses to “Just add sleeves!

  1. A blanket with sleeves — because we need to be more sendentary.

    I’m going to invent a mattress you just strap to your back, “for quick catnaps at office, or when your just too tired to walk to the bedroom.”

  2. Haha, do it buddy. You know I’ll blog it.

    I’m seeing a lot of marketability for the backtress.

  3. “Backtress” that is awesome. You are hired as the VP of Marketing for Backtress Inc.

  4. Sweet, I assume pay is in the form of stock. I’m in.

  5. geowiz85

    i think someone just put a robe on backwards one day and was like “holy shit!”

  6. @geowiz

    Hah, I like that theory.

    Goes to show you just never know when inspiration will strike.

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