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How to make it easy for mainstream media to reference your blog

Let me start by saying that I’m not in this for the fame and glory of being noticed in mainstream media. Trust me, I keep it real.

But, nonetheless, it’s kinda’ cool when it happens and it might lead you to a new buddy or two – or it could connect you with an old friend who had no idea you had turned into one of those social media geeks.

In the six months I’ve been on this blogging adventure, it’s happened to me twice. Nothing too major, but once in Juice and once in And while there’s a lot of little things involved and plenty of luck, here’s the most obvious reason I can come up with:

I’m a real person and I make it easy to contact me.

My degree in journalism gives me at least a little insight here. Above all, journalists have to have legitimate sources of information. So go ahead and use your online handle of EZbaby69, just don’t be miffed when you’re not mentioned as a source in the media (in a positive light, anyways).

I use my real name, and up in big bold letters at the top of this blog is a “contact” section – complete with an e-mail and a Twitter account. It’s not too complicated, but if the writer is unable to contact you directly with a private note, you’re losing legit points.

The other key is to make it easy to see what it is you generally talk about. This makes it easy to fill in the blank in this sentence: “…another local blogger is Cale Johnson, who blogs about ___________.”

So there’s two quick things you might consider.

How about you? Been mentioned in any “mainstream” media sources? Been trying to get mentioned?

What works? What doesn’t?


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A lesson from Paris Hilton

Hello Internet, I’m back. I’m sure you missed me.

I’ve been busy, catching up on things and what not. Just a quick thought today, but if you haven’t seen this, check it out:

First, McCain’s attack ad on Obama (1.7 million views)

And second, Paris Hilton’s response (4.2 million views)

Damn, click here, I can’t figure out how to embed it….!

See, it’s not hard to respond and to take a position without taking a side – even in politics. If only more organizations could think like Paris.

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